OK Google – voice search hotword (beta)

If you haven’t already installed the Chrome extension for voice search, then do it!

This is the future of search and the reason Hummingbird will change the way we optimise sites for search. The results are no longer directly coupled to individual keywords, but rather to the sequence of the queries. Google connects the identifiable entities and makes sense of the relationships between queries in order to determine the most relevant sites to return in the mix.

The linking of a sequence of queries is makes it possible to determine the intent of a search query without the need for ‘caveman’ terms. Natural conversation is all that is required.

To add the Chrome extension, go here:


The chrome extension for voice search
The chrome extension for voice search

To activate the extension, give it permission to use the microphone on your computer.

Then simply speak the search commands:

SERPs for a simple query
SERPs for a simple query

Google connects this previous voice search (What is the capital of France) with the subsequent search:


Hummingbird connecting queries
Hummingbird connecting queries

Notice that Google states it is ‘using the previous query’ and it also provides an option to undo the link.

Notice also, that the entire screen above the fold is taken up with Google extra info boxes – no organic search results are visible at all.

Google is able to provide the information sought without the visitor visiting any other site in this search journey…



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