Greg Shickle #shicklegate

So, yesterday a senior account manager at MEC, Kieren Allen, sent what is likely to go down as one of the most publicized resignation letters of all time. When it happened, the email started to get sent outside of the company, and it went very viral, putting his manager, Greg Shickle, in the spotlight – though there’s always two sides to any story.


There is now a Twitter account set up to discuss the topic, and last night #shicklegate was trending on Twitter.

Interestingly the SERPs have subtly changed. 3 new search snippets and a video entry. Interestingly, this result is ranking on page 1, with nothing more than a headline which is then repeated further down as a snippet from another site:–the-death

The headline comes from:

The reason for this page is to discover whether “Greg Shickle” in the URL and <title> published at an appropriate time, bring sufficient power to rank.

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