Google disavow tool for links released

At last, Google has released a disavow links tool. This will really help to clean up years of linkbuilding abuse that gave businesses unfair ranking advantages or a while, until Google Penguin was released.

The disavow tool is available at:

and the news of the release can be found here:

Google disavow links tool
Google disavow links tool

When selecting the ‘Disavow links’ option, you are given a warning page:

Disavow links warning
Disavow links warning

Proceeding with the option, and with trepidation ignoring this warning from Google that it is an advanced feature, we get an upload lightbox:

Upload disavow links file
Upload disavow links file

Couldn’t resist an image test on the way 😉

Upload disavowed links in google
Upload disavowed links in google


The text file must be smaller than 2Mb with one URL per line. Comments can be included in the file if prefixed with a #.

# Sitewide links impossible to remove
# Links still remain on these pages


Where “domain:” tells Google to disavow links from all pages on a the “” site.
Specific pages can be disavowed by listing the complete URLs.

Only one disavow file per site is allowed and it is shared among site owners in Webmaster Tools.

If you want to update the disavow file, you must download the existing disavow file, modify it, and re-upload it.

Don’t expect overnight results, Google suggests that it may take up to 2 weeks for the submitted URLs to be re-crawled before the disavowed links have any impact. Also, a manual reconsideration request may still be necessary, after allowing a period of time to pass following disavow links file upload.

So this tool may not fix everything, but at least it helps with backlink cleanup following the Penguin algorithm release and updates.

This is a major step forward in promoting best practice by Google and I hope the tool doesn’t break !

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